SwedeDISH Menu


Homemade Swedish fresh ground beef meatballs with homemade mashed potatoes, cream sauce, cucumber salad and lingonberry jam

Swedish meatballs are a traditional Scandinavian food. They first appeared in a Swedish cookbook in 1754”


Viking Dog – Swedish soft thin bread wrap stuffed with an all-beef hotdog, homemade mashed potatoes, fresh crab salad and crunchy onions

“Favorite street food in Sweden after a night out or maybe the day after the night out”


Swedish soft thin bread wrap stuffed with marinated roast beef (served cold), homemade mashed potatoes, cabbage salad dressed with a blend of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and herbs topped with crunchy onions


Swedish thin bread wrap stuffed with our famous meatballs, homemade mashed potatoes, house-made beet salad of finely chopped pickled beets, red onions, apples, Dijon mustard and crème fraiche


Cheese and sweet onion pastry pie with fresh cabbage salad dressed with a blend of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and herbs  VEGETARIAN


GOURMET BURGERS – Our Burgers are hand-crafted with 100% USDA Prime ground beef seasoned with our secret spices, served on a toasted bun


Viking Burger – Topped with white sharp cheddar cheese, crunchy onions, lettuce and house-made sauce


Surf and Turf Burger – Topped with fresh blue crab meat, white sharp cheddar cheese, crunchy onions, lettuce and house-made sauce








10 responses »

  1. Cathy Benson says:

    WE are SO excited to hear about Swededish this morning on Fox news, Oralando! We cannot be at Fashion Square this week-end as we will be out of town but we plan to look you up and try you asap!!! We have grown children here who will also try you out! We are Swedish-Americans…husband is 100% Swedish..his parents came from Skane in the 20’s…my grand-father came from Stockholm and grand-mother (far-mor) came from Aalborg, Denmark…we love Swedish food…I make my own pickled herring, meatballs, cardemom coffee cake, Limpa, custard rice pudding and lots more…we have a big Julbord every December with all the family…yes, we are so excited to try your food and to meet you…please put on the Kaffe pot!! Oh, and we have about 100 relatives yet in Skane so we have traveled over 6 tiems so far! Wishing you the best in your business! We need you here!! Tack sa Mycket!!!

  2. Cathy Benson says:

    Please see comment above..cannot wait to try you!! We eat Swedish food and cook Swedish dishes too…loving your idea!! See you soon!

  3. Fred Almonte says:

    OMG !!! I just got home from the Leesburg Saturday Night Food Truck event and had the Surf and Turf burger and I can honestly say that this is the absolute BEST burger I have ever had. This sentiment was echoed by everyone I was with. I can’t wait for the chance to have another. If the rest of the menu is as phenomenal as this burger, you folks should have a long lasting and successful business. Kudos Swede Dish Food Truck. I will see you soon, GUARANTEED!!!!

  4. Jeff says:

    See you in University Park in MINUTES! Can’t wait!

  5. Lola Bedwell says:

    Hubs and I had the burger last night in Ocoee – Ahmazing!

  6. Wendy Acha says:

    Will you have more traditional Swedish food at the St Lucia celebration in Sanford? Looks like mostly beef dishes and burgers on your regular menu. 😦

  7. Wendy Acha says:

    Not for me – Sorry, I do not eat red meat.

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